I Dialogue With 2017


I dialogue with 2017
She told me about her luxurious abode
She invited me to pass through its
magnificent road
which is glittering with gold

I dialogue with 2017
with his words I was smitten
in her voice hope is written
unlike the previous years which was

I dialogue with 2017
She told me she won’t be greedy
She is poise to fed the needy
She will bless us all with love and not pity

I dialogue with 2017
hence the reason why am standing by its
for her face I yearn
To sing her a melodious song
I hope y’all will come along
To celebrate a year that won’t be wrong

Author:  Kayode Afolabi

Profile: He hails from Kwara State and is a mass communication undergraduate at the Federal Polytechnic Offa. 
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