Tale of Woe



In a land flowing with milk and honey
We lived, insatiably content
A little bread, a little wine
A little hunger, a little mistrust
Yet we cheered
Patiently hoping…
Now once upon a time;
A trend, a culture
The culture of the uncultured
Streaming beyond bleakly clouds
To the shores of verities.

At forks are adorned figures
Of peasant stock
Erected by thieving masters
Oozing rusty emissions from a million miles.
Callings unattended,
They negotiate through huskiness;
An entwined mockery
Of service to fatherland.

You see them like drones
But for the sun fries
All on one sighted at intervals
They too are picky
And then, they stagger in soldering
With wavy hands to their skulls
I laugh…
They are cripples at the beautiful gate.

Synopsis: This poem ridicules the extorting styles adopted by uniform men from motorists.
Author: Yami Bamgboye
Profile: He studied English and Literary Studies at Lagos State University.


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