Tell Maami


Tell Maami Not to Worry
About The Longevity Of My Journey
Ise Lo So Mo Nu Bi Oko
One Day I Will Find The Way Back Home

Tell Maami Not to Worry
Though Today Is Blurry
Tomorrow May Look Bleak
But I Won’t Be Sick
Till I Get What I Seek

Tell Maami Not To Worry
Kindly Inform Baami Also
Their Son Is Toiling Hard Under The Sun
To Bring The Much Needed Smile To
Their Face

Tell Maami Not To Worry
No Matter How Long I Go In Search Of
Be It On Top Of The Hills And Mountain
Or Beneath The Cave And Rock
Bruise And Battered
To Home I Will Return

Till Then Tell It To Maami Not To Worry
This Hustle Won’t Be The End Of Me
And Today’s Tears Will Give Birth To The
Laughter Of

Synopsis: Like Timi Dakolo’s ( a Nigerian musician) ‘Wish me Well’, this poem encapsulates the dreams, aspirations and desires of an average Nigerian youth to become successful in life.
Author:  Kayode Afolabi

Profile: He hails from Kwara State and is a mass communication undergraduate at the Federal Polytechnic Offa. 
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