For Broken Boys

By AMAO, Williams Praise
for roses that burnt before our feet;
we saw how love died in burnt roses and
how love died in ashes beneath
our hearts.
we are injured lovers
seeking a shelter
in rosy hearts.
our wounds are wrinkled memories;
memories of withered love.
here is a poem for her
seeking a place in our hearts.
tell her we are broken boys
betrayed by love.
she can be the love we seek for
she can be a brand beautiful rose
planted in the soil of our hearts.
tell her she can be our doctor –
our wounds inflict pains
of wrinkled memories.
we need a loving doctor
that caresses our wounds
with romantic drugs.
let her be a home
and we be an inhabitant;
so we will dwell under the shelter of her love.
let us be the problem
and she be the solution –
so she will solve our problems
simultaneously and romantically.
let her be the mathematician
and we be her student –
so she will teach us to equate
our love with kissing formula.
our lyrics are one of the songs of John Legend;
for we seek a true love and lover
cause all of us needs all of her –
give us your rosy heart and
we will give you our broken heart.
for we are broken boys seeking a beautiful rose.

Synopsis: This is a response to Charlotte’s poem on the girl child victimization. It explores the supposed reason behind certain intentional acts.
Author’s Profile: William Praise is a student, an aspiring poet, writer and a motivational speaker.
 Photo credit: Daily Mail
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