The Great Hunter

He had killed many great creatures ,
A hunter that couldn’t be hunted ,
A warrior feared and respected ,
His exploits traveled through many lands and hearts,
The gods were with him and had bestowed on him-
Powers beyond human comprehension and knowledge…
Odeniyi –fearless like his father Odemure,

The great Boa and buffalo had fallen through
his hands just like his father who used leopard
and tiger skins as his underwear ,
Smell of different meats fumed from the pot of
Abike –a black elegant  beauty envied by  many damsels;
She had tasted many species of creatures than many mouths…
All hail Odeniyi- Abike’s  sire and supplier…
He was challenged by his wife to bring home a  big creature ;
He smiled…and smiled…and laughed louder than a thunder…

Tenth day after sojourning in the thick forest of no return ;
He sauntered into the village with great uproar ,
As the mighty elephant dangled behind him like a sheep ;
“All hail the king of hunters, all hail the great warrior
that coughs and the earth quakes”-
“Ajanaku“ walked behind…in silence without direction .
Abike  smiled with satisfaction and ——-
So overwhelmed with encomiums from the mortals ;
He removed his cap and made murmuring communication
with the gods as he hit the elephant with his cap…

“Ajanaku”– the beast that uproots trees with its trunk
and shake the forest, fell!…Fell like a plank!!,
High ovation came from the mortals with singing ,
dancing and eulogy to the bush hunter.
The day after; unusual calm reigned in Oluwalogbon ;
Gripped with fear, the exploit of the day before
Fell into negativity –what type of man is this ?
Why the phobia? Just last night there was a feast ,
Most pots were filled with meats of the little giant ,
If a man could kill the great Ajanaku with ‘Fila’
What would happen if offended by the village ?

Background Story: This poem was inspired by an old Yoruba myth centring on a great hunter who killed an elephant just with his cap because he possessed magical powers. After this exploit, he became extremely revered and couldn’t live a normal life again.
Author: Olusegun Arowolo
Profile: He is a teacher, a poet and the head of science department at a school in Festac, Lagos State.
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