An A-Z Story of Abuse


A story of Alero is told tonight

BrotherJames puts his hands between her thighs.

Calling out mama she fought for her life

Deaf she suddenly had become.

Everyday she heard her not

Finally by God’s grace, she walked in on us.

Get out of my house! You naughty little child

How could she say this to me her child

I wondered out loud, looked on in shock

Just before I got knocked

Knocking and waiting at people’s doors

Let me in please

Mama has thrown me out

No problem my child I will give you a mat

Opium oozed from his mouth and like a thief in the night he opened the door

Pressing my oranges I said this is wrong

Quickly I ran out before he could speak.

Rape was injustice I heard this at mass

Scared and lonely she was a but a little child.

Thorned cloths and flies plagued her a lot

Under this same bridge I found her a lot

Vile and dirty she made my heart


Xenophobic and cold

Yearning for a home I think I made her happy

Zappy at last.

by: Ishola Oreofe
Ig: life_of_oreofe

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