Faith Not Fate!


By Meshach Solomon
A long time ago, life cajoled me to a box. I was forced to believe that every man has a destiny and that I had been destined to be blind all my life. I  was not just forced to believe this  fallacy but took the line of thought that I may never rise or be heard by reason of where I come from, my family history, age and most importantly, the part of the world I come from.  The popular TV soap in the 80s, Hotel DeJordan had these lines as sound track, ‘The same God who made some rich made some poor….’ how funny it is for people to live their lives thinking that God deliberately made some people rich and others poor.  Some people even go as far as believing that poor people must exist in the society to create a balance (check out the book Beggars Strike by Aminata Sow-fall). Even if these assertions are true, who said it must be you?

When things turn sour, people console themselves with the traditional beliefs that it is their lot and if it pleased the Almighty, they’d get back to such enviable positions again.  Some others who have never tasted affluence, just feel it is the exclusive reserve of a selected few.   Hmmm…..! friends, it’s high time we started a different movement and championing a better thought movement!  No one has an ill fate, there is really no word as “fate”!  it only exists for people who do not know their onus! For so long, we have been made to believe that seeing is believing but I dare say to you that in facing life’s situations, the reverse is the case.  Smart thinkers know that it is only a picture you have conceived, imagined, planned out in the mind that you see!

While fate deceives using the words like destiny, faith strengthens using words like believing.  When you believe it, you can do it.  You may not know how much capacity you have until you dare to believe you can.  Every man is  wired to to do the unthinkable but be ready to stretch your mind to the limits before you can smell achievements. Faith, is simply imagining the positive about an issue.  Every man has been predestined to be great but a number of factors come to play for this destiny to turn out right or wrong.  Fear, the opposite of faith is one over flogged issue however, it still possesses a big threat to success. Faith is really the appropriate key to opening the doors of success in the mansion of life. Faith doesn’t really need your religiosity, it only needs your concentration, your mind. Win it in your mind and you’re up!

Till we meet again with more truth that lights up so bright in the darkest nights, keep your torch burning!



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