Don’t Pack Your Bags Yet


By Solomon Meshach


Many years ago, I was a sales rep to the writer of this title- Anita Oyakhilome. It was one title among many others that gave me the strength to press on in my journey even though I’m visually impaired. I know I have spoken so much about keeping hope alive but this time, I bring a different twist to this title.

You may have friends you plan on dropping off as you travel on and you have thought so hard about the decision. You are ladened with confusion because you would rather you broke no one’s heart upon the break up.  It is good I mention as we tag along that you must never leave any relationship close ended, never burn the bridges after crossing it.  Life has a very interesting way of bringing you back to that point you think you have forgotten about. You definitely will use those bridges some day and if you burnt them, then you may need to spend more time trying to construct another or a make shift one which may likely not be as safe.

Like in previous talks, friends are the most difficult people to deal with.  In fact, I prefer to know who my friends truly are than waste so much time with my enemies.  Your friends have the capability to pull or push you to your desired destiny. When they try to pull you down, you could feel so irritated and angered when you eventually discover your friend was involved in the attempted or your downfall.  We are tempted to want to speak guile or evil, abusive words at them; we decide never to have anything to do with such persons forgetting that before such persons became your friends in the first place, there were attractive qualities.  Everyone is a round or square peg that can be used to fill a hole sometime in the future, when the need arises.  Never be too fast to pass judgements, be slow to response, simulate the scenario and find out reasons why the person involved likely carried out those attacks on you then calculate the distance you want to leave.  Ask questions like “if I stayed away entirely, will I still be able to ask for favours from them? If I were the friend in question will I still be relevant? Can we still impact each other positively? Etc Never be in a hurry to slam the door or pack your bags from that relationship. Leave it open ended. It just might be useful for you some day!

Till I come your way with some other with more illuminating truth that is a potential light even in the darkest nights, please make sure you keep your torch burning!



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