The Bamiloye brothers and ‘A Minute More’


Some weeks ago, when I stumbled on another of Damilola Mike-Bamiloye’s feature film–‘The Ignition’, released in 2016, I was awesomely thrilled by the entire package. Sincerely speaking, apart from The Chosen Vessels guys who broke unexpectedly into movie production by quenching the thirsts and satisfying the yearnings of many Christian youth with extreme comic effects that added a twist to the usual and over-laden spirituality in Christian movies without sincere recourse to reality as it were, I never, for once, thought that the Bamiloye brothers could pull such nice stunts while keeping in touch with the day to day spiritual struggles of youth their age. My doubts were birthed by their ‘Fiwajomi’ in ‘those days’.

‘A Minute More’, is a short film of 4 minutes 55 seconds released on Damilola’s Youtube channel on May 18, 2017 and has had over 12,000 views over the past weeks. It was shot and directed by Damilola and his brother JayMikee. The picture quality is superb and the directing is wow! I particularly love the choice of words of the characters and the environment where the story that beautifully weaves four powerful themes into a whole: love and betrayal, deceit, sex and spirituality is told for the message to sink deep down!!

The story is set in a night club filled with young people who do not just want to explore but enjoy life. They are dancing, twerking and having fun. Soon, we see Angel and Cynthia whose parents are pastors. Cynthia is smarter and has mastered the art of deceit while living according to the ‘rules’ but Angel isn’t. She is constantly prickled by her conscience. She feels uncomfortable and tells Cynthia she wants to go, Cynthia persuades her to stay. Just then, her father’s call comes through to warn her about an impending danger but she lies she’s in church. Shortly after, we see Martins negotiating (sex) with a club girl before Pedro angrily jumps in on their discussion. He accuses Martins of shagging his true love. As Martins derides him further, he brings out a gun. He fires while Martins runs then the worst happens–Angel gets hit instead of Martins. She dies and the story ends.

Click the link above to watch.

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