Sacrifices in the Sanctuary


While they sang, “We bring the sacrifice of praise…!”
They brought their own sacrifice of pain
Splattered over the sanctuary was the sacrifice of blood stain
While to heaven, the worshippers had their hands raised

Before they could sing, “What shall I render…”
All some could remember was the shout, “Surrender!”
They were nonviolent; what they had were hearts, so tender
They were rogues who just left the bartender’s

Jesus’ blood is enough to remit sins
But, your own sins which have blinded you since
Clouded your sense of reasoning
Such that your taste for blood was more aromatic than food seasoning

Now, what shall you give in exchange for your own souls?
Since you desecrated the house of He who owns your souls
Will you exchange them for the bullets and guns
Or with the souls of those who gave you the guns?

Why did you have to do it?

Background: This poem was composed to commiserate with the families that lost their loved ones in the Ozubulu church shootings.

Author: Noel O. Louis                                                   Profile: He is also known as Soulileon, is a renowned Nigerian Writer, Poet, Content Editor, eBook Publisher and an Author of two anthologies: HEARTFELT RHYMES & RHYTHM and STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART. He is also the author of the fast selling A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE, a memoir for building godly women in this generation. He seeks to make the world a better place through his writings. He is also the founder of  Souliterary Planet,

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