Quarter Past One

Quarter Past One

  • Last night I had fun till I felt funny
    Played games with my roommates and pals
    Lost some, won the bulk of it
    The taste of victory still caresses my mind’s lips

    And then I went to sleep, early and glad
    On a slightly full stomach
    Something some kid probably lacks
    In the worst hostel in school
    Tough I’d rather not be sleeping out
    Lest it’s with one I share my heart

    Then I woke a quarter past one, like I went to bed depressed
    Like I never had a friend
    Hell, like I never went to bed
    Like all last night was a movie scene, and now we’re off the set
    I woke a quarter past one like I woke up to my death

    I wonder how insensitive man could be
    For my roommates didn’t know a thing
    Two were gaming, another was texting I think
    And the last was sound asleep

    Well two of the four were squatting
    But that don’t change a thing
    I doubt they noticed anything wrong as I left the room to think

    But for all the thinking I did that night
    One thought did stick to me
    That man is so focused on his little endeavors
    To note what his brother feels

    And though by three, I still don’t know the reason
    I woke up feeling like shit
    I made up my mind, that always I’d try
    To notice what another feels

    For what would have been
    If our roles were switched
    And I was one of the four
    Would I have noticed, that one brother slipping
    Away, that might never return?

    Author: Yung Wunda
    Profile: He is a student and a writer.