We Are Lost in their Future


Narrow minds plague our streets to ruins,
Empty arguments from the ignorant mouths fill the corridors of Soweto,
‘Has the long walk of freedom not been walked for them?’
I said to myself.

You are a neighbour to our flowering state,
All our ancestors ever did was to water your poor garden.
Hope you’ve not discarded the history of those days.
During the rule of the mighty whites over your people.

You of a rainbow background, you should embrace all colours.
We breath the same air and share a common history.
How is our black different from your black,why are we refugees in your state?

South Africa’s call we had obey,
Now we are lost in their future.
Our eyes refused to be closed for the fear of the unknown.
Tears gathered in my gloomy eyes.
I tried holding it back but my face has lost its strength.

As papa and I find our way in the forest of confusion we are in,
A comforting hand touched me from behind,
With a big smile of hope and peace.
‘It all used to be one big entity,please fight and stay for the peace you deserve’, she said.
I thought fear of domination has swept away their heart of kindness and love.
Unknown to me,
There are still South Africans with a heart of gold.

Synopsis: This poem is about what Nigerians are going through in South Africa. It reflects deeply on the xenophobic attacks and the humanity of some South Africans towards Nigerians.
Profile: She hails from Oyo State. She is a writer, a lover of poems and a 200l Law student of Olabisi Onabanjo University.
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