Fate in ‘Women’ 1 & 2 isn’t really all about fate

  • By Yami Bamgboye

    One thing (that) I can’t ascertain is the exclusivity of ‘Women’ to tvnolly Youtube channel. As far as I know, the movie was never premiered at any cinema yet, its newness hasn’t debarred it from recording unprecedented views like other movies that have made so much noise at the cinemas.

    ‘Women’ is a 2017 movie produced and directed by Chidi Anyanwu. The idea, as perceived, is to draw people’s attention to the plights of women in varying quantum. It’s true, very true that this idea is developed from the angle of fate but my grouse is with the object at the centre of it all–men! Brethren, why should men be at the centre of the struggles and troubles of women? On a second thought, I think the entire crew ofChidi, Uchenna, Chris and others should be commended for bringing a twist to the things we know and re-emphasizing that singular fact (which I think is a little loop-sided) that women are always at the receiving end.

    The thematic development revolves around the friendship of four female characters whose roles are uniquely intertwined: Barbara, Jackie, Monique and Roselyn. Stella is introduced in season two to play a minor role. Even though her character isn’t well developed, her contribution still plays a vital role in the recovery process of Jackie’s belongings. Each of these have personal troubles that come from the men in their lives and every other time they hang-out, all they talk about is the activities of these men and how badly they are affected. Barbara and Roselyn are married while Jackie and Monique aren’t but they both have men in their lives.

    Roselyn’s marriage to Desmond begins on a good note. Things begin to go sideways when she looses her pregnancy and her womb. Both Desmond and his mother become unnecessarily desperate barely after few months of a short-lived marital bliss. They bring in another woman and Roselyn frustratingly leaves the house. Soon, Desmond discovers the truth about the paternity of the baby and sends the new wife packing. Remorsefully, he goes back to Roselyn.

    Barbara and Tom have had two babies but Tom never treats her right. He completely shuts her out of his life and constantly makes sure she never pursues her dreams. Barbara continues to suffer both physical and psychological abuse until she decides to fight against the oppression the way she could. Things begin to look good from then on and finally comes to a head when she catches Tom with another woman. That is the point of compromise for both Tom and Barbara.

    Jackie and Monique are true working-class lover girls. Both are already made but seek that one thing very badly–companionship. Jackie pitches her tent with Mike with the whole of her heart. She buys virtually all her property in his name and even houses and feeds him. After many years of dating, she sees clearly that Mike never loves her. She breaks up with him but he steals everything she has ever worked for and leaves her with nothing. Jackie is broken more so when she hears Mike get married to his disguised girlfriend. As time crawls by, she stumbles on Stella, her childhood friend who facilitates the recovery of all she has lost.

    Monique and Demola were engaged. Three days to their wedding, Demola breaks up with her. She carries the pain around for a long time until Demola shows up again to apologize and re-propose. She loves Demola but she’s been pained too much to let go. After much ado, she lets Demola in again and they continue from where they stopped. Barely two weeks to their ‘second’ wedding, Demola travels and dies in transit. Monique’s world becomes shattered. She refuses to let other men into her life. Later fate smiles on her when discovers she’s carrying Demola’s baby.

    You’ll agree with me that from each character role and development to the central theme, their travails aren’t all about fate as every critical mind will view this from different angles. Regardless, their experiences will leave you with one or two lessons.


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