In the Arms of Mother


She’s Mama na

She calls me, ‘’Yaro na!’

When I cried she’d hush me and

say, ‘’Ebezina, nwa m!’’

She’d press my lips against her

Breast and say, ‘’Ngwa, nuo ara!’’


I remember the many times I took

A bite and she’d yell, ‘’Chai, Chineke m e!’’

I would look her in the eyes and

give out a gentle smile

She would look at me and

give a soothing tap on my butts.

Made me know it was meant to be

sucked and not bitten.


My mother, Iya mi!

In her arms I found warmth

When I would get so ill that it felt I

Would take a bow from life, she’d

lift me and say, ‘’Oluwa mi, jowo saanu f’omo mi!’’

Then, like a ball, I’d come bouncing

on my feet again– putting smiles

on her beautiful face


I can still remember how smooth

those wrinkled hands were

How swift her steps used to be

And the distances she covered in her youth

Now, she has grown grey but I can

yet call her, Iya mi, Mama na, Nne m oma!


Background: This beautiful piece is written to celebrate our mothers in Africa and around the world. It explores the reader’s mind to review their tender nature and how much they sacrifice in raising their children.

Author: Noel O. Louis                                                     Profile: Noel O. Louis also known as Soulileon, is a renowned Nigerian Writer, Poet, Content Editor, eBook Publisher and an Author of two anthologies: HEARTFELT RHYMES & RHYTHM and STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART. He is also the author of the fast selling A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE, a memoir for building godly women in this generation. He seeks to make the world a better place through his writings. He is also the founder of  Souliterary Planet,

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