Her Struggle, Episode 4



By Aisha Adebiyi

I started work at the ministry a few days later. It was annoying at first. I felt like a local champion all dressed up, but I soon adjusted to the environment. I reflected back on the kind of life I had lived, and I began to realize women go through this a lot, and how you handle it is what makes you distinct. I worked at the ministry for few months and started selling clothes and accessories. One cannot continue to rely on that kind of job for long.

One Monday when I was going to the work, I had to take public transport because my car broke down the day before. I had called the mechanic and he promised to come by my house. Taking public transport can be stressful sometimes, in fact, all the time, but i didn’t have a choice. I waited at the bus stop for so long, but no bus stopped. I was already getting worried when a black Toyota Camry stopped right in front of me.

“Hello, Good morning” he said.

“Morning sir” I answered.

“You seem worried, where are you going?”

“Yes, I’m actually very worried, I’m going to the ministry.” I assumed he knew the ministry I’m talking about. Everyone knows. “I’m late for work”. I replied

“Come in, let me take you there” he said

“Alright” I said gratefully as I sat took a seat.
“The truth is you can’t get a bus at that particular bus stop. Any bus who parks there will be fined. They have been told not to stop for passengers there”.

“At the fuc…….. I caught myself and covered my mouth. He looked at me and laughed.

“At the fucking bus stop?! Say it” he said.

“Yea, at the fucking bus stop”. I said quietly.

“My name is Ayomide. I know my day will go well because of you”

“Yea right” I said and laughed.

We talked and talked. I immediately wished my car could be faulty forever. Well, I liked him but I didn’t intend to make him know that. Experience has thought me some things.

Ayomide and I spent time with each other. Days turned to weeks, weeks into months and our relationship was getting serious. Ayomide was a nice man, the kind I dreamed of all my life: young, ambitious, and gentlemanly, unlike the men I had met earlier in my career.

We decided to go see a movie on one Saturday. People were already on their seats  when we got in. The movie “ALTER EGO” was showing. Thirty minutes into the movie, the screen went blank. At first, I thought it was a technical problem until two minutes later, some words popped up.

“You have been​ a blessing in my life since I met you. Yes, I will tell the world boldly how you treated me like your child, your son, sibling, family. You are one in a million Annie”.

I was still thinking of how coincidental it is that my name was mentioned. All of a sudden, I saw in capital letters those words “WILL YOU MARRY ME, ANNIE?



I stared blankly at Ayomide who sat beside me. He had a questioning​ look, asking me if I would marry him without speaking. I broke down in tears.

People were saying their “ohhhs” and “awwwwws”. I couldn’t help the tears streaming down my cheeks. The tears weren’t the ones I saw on TV or on Instagram. It was real. Many questions ran through my mind. “Is this me God has blessed? I can have a man of my own?”
I nodded, said yes repeatedly. “I will marry you a hundred times” I screamed.

He removed the ring from the box and placed it on my finger. I am the most fulfilled woman on earth right now.



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