Wants & Wishes

Wants & Wishes


By Solomon Meshach


A man rolled a trolley into a room. The trolley was filled with a lot of ready to eat items.  He had just bought them from the supermarket and was about to unpack. Suddenly his bosom friend strolled in crying for hunger.  So he asked him this question, ‘Are you really hungry?’ His reply was a resounding  ‘Yes!’ Funny enough, he kept asking, his friend ignorant of the other’s intention kept answering until he passed out! You see, all he needed to do was to quickly grab one of those items from the trolley.  After all, the person in question was his friend and some form of familiarity must have existed between them.

At a glance, your first attempt to explain these two terms– want and wish–may give you some difficulties. You may even try to end up with the same or close definitions. However, here is an age long witty saying that clearly defines and differentiates between the two terms:‘If wishes were horses, beggars would ride’.

This simply implies that you cannot be lazy about something  that  you really  want.  If you really want a thing, you must reach out for and in some cases fight for it! I may not be able to give a correct definition but from the above story, one distinct factor between both concepts is DESIRE! It  remains  a  wish when desire is absent. Although most online and offline dictionaries define it as a strong feeling of want but I define it as the actions or steps that accompany the realization of a desire. Abraham Lincoln could have just told generations after him tales of how he tried once and even wished he won. But he kept at it because he knew how badly he wanted to be the President of the US.  Today, generations unborn tell the story for him.

If making life easier and more enjoyable for humanity was just a wish in the hearts of all the great inventors the world has ever known, then we will not the all the good things of life– cars, aeroplanes, electricity, etc.– we enjoy today. Their desires were whirled up by determination which aligned with zeal, fueled by faith and divinity.

God’s ultimate desire is that every man succeeds and live a proper or happy life but a strong desire by you to enjoy this provision is what makes this desire of God valid and guaranteed! So friends, stop wishing, grab what you really want and have it for real!

Till I come your way with another truth that leads in the darkest night, keep your torch burning !

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