Suffering and Smiling


They speak of peace,with so much ease
Sugarcoated fork tongued liars indeed
Representatives to all, ambassadors to their purse
They come with open hands, Alas with a pitch fork aback
To solicit for our support, with great rapport
They come with escorts, bearing goodies
Lascivious hyena, with a hidden agenda
The old, young and frail hungered beyond reasoning
For weeks, months, years and from season to season
Lacking restraint and beaten out of forbearance
We troop out like a lambkin, hungry for the teat
To suck a scintilla of the malnutrition provided like a feast
And so the cycles continues from generation to generation
Suffering and smiling under the beast of carnage
When will we be free
From this kleptomaniac fanatics in guise of patriots?


Synopsis: This poem ridicules the gullibility of the masses and the deceit of the ruling elite.

Author: Shehu Ibrahim a.k.a Shawn Brown

Profile: He is an undergraduate of Mass Communication at Federal Polytechnic, Offa, Kwara State.


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