The Thief Turned Chief

The Thief Turned Chief


Reporter: Wow! This has been a most remarkable interview. A story from rags to riches; from being a petty thief and mere pickpocket to being one of the greatest masters of magic and illusion. One final question, what does your stage name, COM, mean?

COM: Have faith, Meena, I promised I’d tell you when you get home. I also hope you have a keen memory to write a transcript of all of our conversation today.

Reporter: Well, I have my tape recorder here to help me.

COM: Well, I hate to tell you but, I played a prank on you from the start. I unpressed the record button at the start of the interview without you noticing.

Reporter: Haha… Wow! It’s true oo. You are truly a renowned prankster. There are no ends to your tricks sir. Well, I guess I’d have to stick to my jottings then. It was really an eye-popping interview. Thanks, COM.

COM: Thank me later when I tell you the real meaning of COM, Meena. And one parting advice, take note, nothing beats a keen memory.

Reporter: Thanks once again  COM.


Meena could hardly wait to get home, so she could do a transcript and report on this absolutely interesting interview she had had with the reclusive COM – the most popular magician in town. She was most lucky as he never granted interviews. Hers was an exclusive!

She settled at her desk and reached into her bag to get her notepad, a frown came across her face as she realized that her notepad was missing. Frantically she turned out the contents of her bag and saw a note written from a leaf of her jotting pad, in a flowing handwriting it read:

“Nothing beats a keen memory. Note taken.
Yours theftfully,
Chief Of Mischief”“`

Author: Kolabomi✌

Profile: He is a physicist and poet. He studied at Obafemi Awolowo University for his BSc and MSc in Engineering Physics and Theoretical Physics respectively.