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what have you done to me ?
Why didn’t you tell me
of the green snake that lies
on your green,inviting lad ?
why do you give me the franchise
to ride upon your cursed land
and get drowned in this abyss of magun?

I tried..I try to tell you –
That my sincerity have been on motion with the man am married to,
But how could I,
When all I desire lies only in you,
So how could I explain to you..
That I am now a cursed woman

why couldn’t you explain ?
Even stammerers now talk,
but then –
the milk is spilt.
I have tasted your fragrance
and sojourned home with alarms,
what is the redemption ?
Or is this my end ?

Hmmm..t’s no end,
I have ransacked every corner of my home –
Searching for what is call a remedy..
My home is now in disarray,
But I cease to find the antidote the death that lurks over your head,,
And now I am afraid,
Is this going to be the end?

Ahh !
Arike –
but you said you’d watch behind my back ?
You did said,
life exists beneath your underground pool,
I swam in your pool
and I have found death,
what do i tell my home ?

Alabi –
Yes I did promised,
And indeed,I am indebted to my words..
For now I am in despair,
For when you return to your home –
The whole village will know am a cursed woman.

And what difference am I
from you,now ?
is this the outcome of several butterflies
that have perched on your honeypot ?
Is this the reward for adultery
or the satisfaction of a woman,
whose husband gave less attention ?

What difference does it make to you now,
It’s no more important –
For no one did reason with me-
That I open up my sacred empire to the world outside my home,
Because the beast am married to chose his farm over me –
For the hours meant for the both of us had always been spent in late night hunting,
Now tell me if am wrong –
To search for a lad to take me to my world of imaginations.

why must I get injured –
for fulfilling my wild imagination ?
Even if I never wanted to do this,
your aura tempts the life beneath me..
there has to be a redemption,
or is this how other men die
once they tastes you ?

My throat beats to my mouth –
Cause I can’t tell you –
That the countdowns had begun,
Right from the moment you dwell in my sweetness..
Death has become inevitable –
For I never know the aid to overpower the impending death.

Ahh !
A man has to succumb to death,
my favorite food now turned poison,
but will you keep being this way –
killing throngs of men now and then ?
The death lies in you..
in that region of yours where fur lies.
The rod that penetrates it,
lives not to tell the story.
Is suicide not an option ?

How could I have done it ?
Live my life without never realising my dream,
Taking suicide as an option –
When different men knocks at door every night,
I would have give in to self poisoning,
But my beauty paves way for me –
For men prefer a second of sweetness with me-
To the land of no return.

Your beauty might someday ruin you..
for what value is of a woman,
whose gift for a copulation is death ?
Let’s fade out tonight,
before your man return..
Lets go to the world beyond,
with this curse…

Its actually of no value –
When the gift of copulation is death..
But fading out is beyond my power,
Even if I wanted to-
My heart cannot take the suicidal power.

I would go alone –
Arike,let me travel to the world beyond,
I have failed my father –
I have failed my home –
I have gotten the agony of a night –
It is Magun..
Let me go,
with this dripping blood.

What is the essence of my living,
When everyone already know of my predicament,
I did go with you..
Maybe I did find peace –
While we fade quietly through the night.

let’s fade with passion,
and not tumult.
Let melancholy not take us to the other world,
let’s swim in warm embrace
and lustful blinks,
that we might die off –
in moans of bitter fantasy..


Synopsis: This piece relives the popular Yoruba practice in the days of yore. The practice is deeply rooted in the trust and believe reposed in (magun) a mysterious charm that is used to curb (sexual) promiscuity among married people. The potency of this charm is such that it is capable of killing both parties involved.

Authors: Folashade Taofeeqah Abdussalam and Balogun Alabi Yusuf,

Profile: Folashade is popularly known as Folableeds and is currently a student of Federal College of Education, Oyo where she is studying Theatre Arts. Balogu Yusuf a.k.a Gemini is a novelist, playwright and a poet. In December 2016, he authored a pamphlet ‘Days of Infirmity’. He is also the convener of Ardent Writers and the editor of iTalkCulture. He’s currently working on his upcoming books ‘When a Snake Sheds its Skin and Smiling Carcass

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