Breaking Free!

By Meshach Solomon

Imagine you walked into a restaurant hungry and you were served a meal of rotten eggs and a chilled can of expired juice! Hmm… I can guess your action at the waiter even at the cheapest of prices! Eating a bad meal and staying in a stale or expired relationship is just as potentially dangerous as deliberately piercing a knife through your palm! Science tells us that man is a social being thus, he must relate to things around him and with other beings like him. In fact, it is said that ‘no man is an Island, we all need each other…’ this and many more statements like this have left many people stuck in unprofitable but worse off, unhealthy relationships. It is widely believed that scientific assertions can’t be wrong but science has failed to draw a visible line for guided relationship thus, the need for discretion, reasoning and discernment.
I have heard people describe friendship in three levels: acquaintance, peripheral and intimate. For me, whether intimate or not, you must know that every form of friendship, association or relationship has an expiry date. Like that product on the shelf of a grocery store, once the date comes around, all that makes the association a site to behold falls apart. Even the greatest relationship including marriage has an expiry date. That’s why experts advice couples to constantly rekindle the fire of love between them.
We know that associations and relationships cannot be restricted because they are critical to living. They could also act as catalysts for successes in different aspects of one’s life. However, in choosing and keeping friends, it is just important to have clear intents and reasons for a choice. Neglecting this truth may put you in a dungeon you can never come out from. Perhaps you are already in one unprofitable relationship or friendship and are still ignorant of it, I’ll advise you begin with a proper evaluation. You must evaluate your life and times periodically to note a symbiosis. Once there is a feeling of absence in mutuality, a gradual secession is advised.
Managing unprofitable relationships need a lot of tact and wisdom. It remains a paradox how associations can be the greatest source of joy and pain at the same time. Everyone needs the other but not at every point. You must be smart enough to avoid destroying relationships as they could one day be needed. Humans are like clothes kept in the hanger of a wardrobe: you don’t wear all the clothes at once. So when you need them, reach for the particular one you want. Be careful never to burn the bridges with your actions or words because you may need to use that bridge again someday!
You could choose another meal on the menu list, you could choose a healthier relationship. God is the giver of wisdom and its application can avert tongue wars, physical combats, revive dying associations, suspend parasitic relationships. Note that people will respond to your actions as pride when you try to break away but wisdom says you know what you want and you are doing and aiming at.

Till I come your way again with the truth that illuminates in the darkest night, keep your torch burning!



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