In the Abyss

In the Abyss

Patrick LaMontagne

Where I perched, I watched as he ran his fingers on his laptop. ‘It’s time for showdown boy’, I muttered to myself. I moved my wings lazily, swarming across his screen. He paused and watched a little while before blowing a violent wind with his wide mouth on my tiny head. I scuffled real hard for balance then I lost my cool.

‘Ok boy’, I muttered to myself again, ‘you really want to play ball? Let’s play hard!’                                   ‘Ffffffffiiiiiinnnn…’, I buzzed past his left ear. Hurriedly, he sent his right arm after me like a missile and landed it heavily on it.
‘Yeee…’, he went.
I knew he loved being violent with me, it was his thing. He already succeeded in breaking two of my tiny legs but I was ready not to let him break another.
A moment later, he raised his head and saw me chilling on his web cam. He cursed.
‘I just bought this computer, you idiot!’
‘Who cares?’ I thought.
All I wanted was revenge; to make him break something at least–his computer screen, web cam or anything. Instead, he looked on and surprisingly switched off his torchlight. My sight became blurry but I could perceive the movement of his hands as they closed in on me. They landed light though, I couldn’t have waited still you know.

‘Shit, it’s not working’, I thought.
As I bit my proboscis from beneath his table, something caught my attention. I flew close then I saw it… my oh my, I saw his balls protruding from his tight fitting boxers.
‘This has to be it’, I said silently.
‘If I die, I die’.

I swung in real quick and hung tight to one. After about a minute or two, he became uneasy. He jerked, shook his legs but I wasn’t going to let go. At least, I knew how hitting the balls could be painful extremely painful. He picked his torchlight and looked beneath. Seriously, from his look, I could tell he was amazed. Suddenly, a huge darkness fell on me. I was brutally shattered into pieces. I didn’t know until I got here though. My bite must have given him so much courage to hit his balls afterall.

Author: Yami Bamgboye
Profile: He’s a writer and a graduate of English and literary studies.

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