From my Little Corner

From my little corner, I watched her
A true beauty really was she
Bent there beneath the sun’s glare
Which about her became like a vibrant smile
And the earth, upon which she dwelt
Seemed richer, the grass upon it greener
Indeed an angel was she
Yet something amis I felt
Something I miss about the beautiful miss
Prompting me to steal another glimpse
From my little corner, I glimpse the little wonder
She was dressed like I saw at first
Fitted blue jeans, pink top, probably silk
There was nothing amis with the shoe on her feet
As pink as her top, and the lipstick she wore
And finely braided hair framed a face so lovely and fair
Oh what could be amis, with this pretty little miss
But I looked deeper yet
Past the elegant hands, and pink bead bands
Past those hands and the head they held
And for the first time I saw her eyes
And what the orbs held bold, did make me turn cold
Oh how could I have missed, she was a broken miss
Suddenly, the scene didn’t look so heavenly
Suddenly I could see
The elegant hands that held her head
Were really not, of the carefree sort
What those hands were really doing, was to keep her head from falling
And the braids she left hanging were veils for when she was crying
Oh how could I have missed, she’s just a human being
For how long I thought, had she had to endure
Suffering in silence, because she looked so perfect
How long I thought, as she stood to take a work
And her friends stood and walked with her, without seeing the signs
And all along I watched her, from my lowly little corner
Wondering why I never, once tried to talk to her.

Synopsis: The poem focuses on the ironies of hard times on humans through a female character whose beauty and adornment shield the most intense pains she feels on the inside.

Author: Young Wunda

Profile: He is student and a writer.

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