Psquare may Become Sworn Enemies after Second Break-up


By Pornytail

Just this morning (September 26) around 9:44 or so, Linda Ikeji posted an exclusive video of the Square brothers in the office of their lawyer. The video doesn’t capture the beginning of the rift except the vulturous, vociferous and violent blabbings of Paul and Jude Okoye. As both take turns to unleash their venoms on Peter who seems to be at the receiving end, he manages to let out an I’ll-beat-you-line he repeats and sticks to with intermittent violent moves towards Paul. Chairs and other smaller objects get turned and tossed about as others in the same room with them stand in-between, trying to prevent a bloody exchange of punches before Paul and Jude leave the room in anger.  What runs through the mind of a typical Nigerian, a Nigerian that is deeply rooted in our cultural and above all, family values is nothing but sadness. No parents love to see their (grown up) children exchange blows let alone severe family ties and become sworn enemies!

About a day or two ago, one wouldn’t know that the same feud that threw them off-balance and raised so much concern in their fans, in the early months of 2016 had reached an unprecedent peak at resurection when Peter posted a flier of his billed performance somewhere in the U.S on October 1, at the independence party organized by Nigerians. As it appears, this may be the end of Psquare–the final straw that breaks the camel’s back!!

However, as it is with us in this part of the world, I believe in miracles. I believe that the little something left of Psquare can still be salvaged if and only if there can be a compromise not because they just want peace to reign as it were but because it is the right thing to do: it is good for business. But on a second thought, how did Psquare get here?

Initially, rumours that flew around most times made us believe problems started in Psquare when Peter got married to Lola Omotayo. Hmmm…, seriously, I feel for women who get blamed for family feuds like this one. It’s normal for people like me to flow with the tide of bits of false information that becloud the real whys of things. For once, at least this once, I choose to wear my thinking cap. So, it’ll only be a fair deal to make do with the detailed information available and not snippets that leave one with insinuations.

Peter and Paul have at different times granted exclusive interviews with each explaining how problems started in the family. Regardless, one thing is common to the parties and that is relevance. Jude chose to continue as their manager and Peter felt it wasn’t good if they wished to remain in business but Jude wouldn’t let go–relevance. Paul felt he needed to be acknowledged the more as the better writer and singer of the duo in Universal Music deal–relevance. Peter felt humiliated most often when called a mere dancer–relevance. Peter felt being sidelined in decision making–relevance. Paul started MVP by the side without Peter’s prior knowledge. Jude made Paul the lead singer years ago without Peter’s knowledge–relevance. Peter wanted Psquare to have a formal structure like other music labels for future reasons–relevance. All of this and many more resulted in additional twists and turns like skipping shows, appearing late at shows, delay or eventual squashing of music videos of their collaborations with other artistes, etc. that warranted the first break-up in 2016. With this exclusive video to Lindaikeji’s blog, one might say that the Square brothers couldn’t really deal with the issues that tore them apart the first time.

And now that it has reached an exceeding peak again, people including their lawyers can only do so much to pacify the warring parties after opinions have already been formed. We would hope, as well wishers of this wonderful brothers, they learnt a lesson or two from d’banj, Don Jazzy and Mo’hits because right now, not even a timely
intervention can reverse the imminent and eventual death of the Psquare brand.

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