We’ll pass out, after several wraps of Wi-Fi
And puke from a lone bottle of Eau de vie,
I was to the outside world, a black eye 
But, the best of the best, in your mind’s eye

I recall how you used to sing me lullabies
Lighting every night into a fourth of July 
My sleep was like a cow’s, bit by TseTse fly
And I’ll wish never to kiss the night goodbye

Alas, that fateful day the cops came by
They were cocksure I was the bad guy;
Way over a million and one passersby 
Yet, I fitted perfectly as the bull’s eye

No one checked out as my alibi 
because you did turn a blind eye
I loved you! Yes, and for you I could die,
But you were planted in my life – to spy

Wi-Fi – codename for cocaine

Synopsis: This piece focuses on the lives of young people who are exposed to drugs and other social vices. It reveals their dual ‘citizenship’ and prophesies what most likely could be their end.

Author: Femi Ojutiku a.k.a Phemstrong

Profile: He is a research student of Tourism Development and a passionate writer.

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