Reddish Quietness



By Cyndi Strong

The room was dimly lit, the smell of rotten flesh and blood overpowering her so much she felt herself vomit in her throat. Her hands were tied firmly to the bed post and her legs were pulled apart and attached to two poles. Breathing heavily as she wondered how she got there, her eyes shimmer with wetness as she wondered what went wrong. The bed she was laying on was soaked with blood, it wasn’t her blood, soaked with red blood, red.

“I love red”

“It’s beautiful on paintings.”

She thought he had just been talking, saying things an artist would say. He had said he loved the way red looked on him, on his paintings….She would notice red spots on his clothes but assumed that it was paint, she shouldn’t have. She was naked, deprived of clothes as she laid there waiting for what she knew was coming. It was inevitable.

Little maggots were crawling on her thighs, trying to get them off by moving her body but to no avail, if one fell off ten were in its place. She gasped and cried loudly, ”I should have seen this coming, why didn’t I see this coming?”

He was always at the back of the class with a shy smile on his face, as he pushed his black rimmed glasses over his nose. He didn’t seem dangerous and that was what drew her to him, he was a good guy.

“Where are your parents?”

“They’re in a happy place.”

She heard foots steps come down the stairs, the person’s pace calm and relaxed and was about to shout for whoever it was to come and rescue her when she saw their face. “James,” she whispered as she looked upon him. He had a maniac smile on and was decked in a white apron, only a white apron.

The dimness of the room made him seem a lot more sinister. He turned on the light and she got a clear view of the room she was being trapped in. Gasping at what she saw on the walls, there were paintings of her in erotic positions with him penetrating her. Some of them had her with bleeding eyes, her breasts cut off as red blood poured out of them, her vagina bleeding as he penetrated her.

The horrors that she saw was so overwhelming that she vomited on the side of the bed. Breathing heavily when she raised her head up, she was feeling all kinds of disgust as she looked into his eyes, his cold dark eyes as he watched her, with his lips curved in a smile. His apron was littered with reddish stains and it was only when he came closer that she noticed that it was blood.

Suddenly, she screamed loudly, “Help! Help somebody save me!” hoping that someone heard her, thrashing in her bonds as she tried to get away from him.

“Hush, no one can hear you” James replied speaking for the first time as he hit the wall softly. She heard the sound of something hard, “Perks of having an architect for a mom, sound proof walls” he murmured as he watched her with an expression of amusement, did she amuse him? He walked to his largest cabinet and pulled it open; an awful smell of rotten skin filled the air as a person’s head fell out.

“Mom, dad, see your daughter in-law,” he said out loud as he bowed lowly. He killed his parents…and was now going to kill her.


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