Why the Sky is Far Above


When my hands were miles away
from the reach of my ears and
I was still willing to listen,
learn and unlearn.

Mother sat me down at moonlight,
set a fire to keep us warm and filled
my gourd with sap of the palm tree.
She told me folks, fable and farce.

“When the sky was still at hand,
God’s eyes were a lookup away
and his ears were at arm length
and in union with our mouths.
He listened to our thoughts within,
hears and responds when we speak.
Soon the sky became a rag that
people clean their dirt upon the sky.
The face of God was bruised by pestle
as it hits the sky while pounding.
God got angry and moved the sky
far above and out of reach of man.”

Life is a process of learning, unlearning
and relearning, I grew and unlearned.
I became inquisitive to relearn by
asking questions to know the truth.

But, mother, where was
the sun, moon and stars then?
How does it rain then?
Does the rainbow even appear?

Mother sighed deeply and said:
“My dear, it is a myth.
They are stories told
to be believed by many people
but is the fragment left
after reality fled.”

Author: Elijah Odetokun
Profile: He is a 300l student of Animal Production and Health of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. He is passionate about writing and majors in poetry and articles.

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