It really gladdens my heart to see young people do things that aren’t just culture-related but culture itself. Not even now that a lot of people flow with the tide of (the) Western culture that has greatly encumbered ours. Nevertheless, like Chinua Achebe noted, it was and it is still important for us to embrace the good things we have been offered like civilization, Western education, etc but definitely not at the detriment of our own good cultural values like language, sexual orientation, etc.

When I look at the personality of Rezthapoet, a spoken word artiste of Yoruba decent, all I see is culture, culture and culture. His style of presentation has a large room for the love he has for his root. For this eponymic video tagged Asake, featuring Adol, the Orin crooner and wonderfully shot, directed and packaged by Ex-O, I must commend the producer for the soft background instrumental that accompanies the words. It really sets the perfect tone for a ‘lovey-dovey’ atmosphere. The location and the pale colour of the video is another side attraction,  both really give the feeler of the poets heritage.

As the video begins, our attention is drawn to the emotional surge of a young man whose love overtures to Asake remain unrequited. He kneels and tries to convince her with beautifully crafted Yoruba words mixed with English expressions that appeal to the emotions of any young woman who desires love. Yet, she remains unperturbed. In the end, he rises and leaves.

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