Even without fingers, I still play the guitar extremely well, Bishop Djagbo



How else can mortals like us feel the awesomeness of God who confides the wise with foolish things? How else can we marvel at the works of His hands–the stars, the seas and His endowments on souls on errand? Unlike the servant who refuses to use his one talent in the parable of the sower, I have seen a man who not only uses his one talent but has gained more with his one talent, his name is Simeon Djagbo a.k.a Bishop Djagbo from Delta State. The last time I saw him play drums and the guitar, I was wowed and tears flowed freely down my cheeks.

Bishop Djagbo is a Nigerian gospel singer that was born into an average family of five with the congenital amputation of his palms and fingers, a deathly blow that could have kept him on his knees forever like most people with mild and extreme deformities who sit by the road side or hop from street to street begging for alms. But, he chose to rise above his limitations right from childhood with the love and support of his parents. My parents never gave up on me and treated me like a king; they supported me financially and prayerfully. I wanted to enroll in a primary school, but the school administrators rejected me because they felt I could not write. They also felt that my physical defect would scare off children from the school. My parents got information about a school owned by a white woman, St. Lukes Nursery and Primary School in Warri, Delta State. From there I moved to Sure Success College, Warri for my secondary education’. Today, he is a multi-talented instrumentalist that plays the bass guitar, drums and keyboard and a holder of two degrees from Delta State University, Abraka.

Djagbo’s ability to play musical instruments is simply incredible, amazing, jaw-dropping and could make you grin from ear to ear with envy. As he now says, his musical talent which became noticeable around the age of five is a gift to showcase God’s wonders and be a blessing to others who feel hopeless’. His journey to being a bass guitarist dates back to the period his church brought a man to teach other members of the choir how to play the guitar. I was in the drum section just watching as he was teaching a lady to play a progression on a particular song. I watched the way the lady’s fingers were moving on the strings and I was capturing it in my head. When she dropped it, I picked the guitar up and played it exactly the way she was taught and everybody was shocked, because I was not taught how to play it. Although, I was always sneaking to play the guitar because some concerned people felt I would injure myself. I kept at it and became better. I feel God divinely directed me to the guitar’.

On his childhood days and his journey to self-discovery, he said ‘Growing up was very good. My days were cool. I went to class like every other student. No special time for me. Same time given to us all. I’m a very fast writer. My friends were surprised at first but now they are not. God made it so easy for me that before any challenge comes, he has already made a way for me. I cook, drive, wash my clothes. I write, I iron think of anything I can do them with my wonderful hands. I fetch water too from the well you know, it was really a thing of the mind. One other thing that helped me was that my mind was active and a child of God. I never had any negative feelings about myself. I was enforcing my redemptive right. I have abundant of grace and the gift of righteousness.

‘The strength within came from a scripture, ‘’I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me’’. ‘‘The word of God is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path’’. I knew He created me in His own image and likeness. I never at anytime felt inadequate neither did I feel like giving up on myself, not even when I tried to get an employment that I didn’t get after school because they never believed I’m capable because of the way they are seeing me but they forgot that the person in question does not see himself like that. I tell people I have no excuse and the same thing applies to everyone besides, God can’t give you what you can’t handle. He believes you can create a way around it.

‘I want to say the greatest challenge that a man can have is a handicapped mind and not physical challenges. I believe that God who created me like this has a reason and a bigger and better plan that will take me to an expected end. Any challenge I face is a process to fire me up to become a better person in this world. No one is physically disabled except your mindset is. And I believe that it does not limit you from being who you are destined to be in life. Everyone is born with at least a talent. It is your duty to discover and make use of it. Like the Bible says in Proverbs 18:16 ‘A man’s gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men.’ Trust me, no one has any excuse’.




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