Folu Agoi Launches ‘I Know the Smell of my Lover’s Skin’


Two-time BBC award winner and ace poet, Folu Agoi has completed the production of another anthology of beautiful poems titled I Know the Smell of My Lover’s Skin. Even though the official launch and book party has been scheduled to hold soon, it has begun to garner a lot of attention from his fans and well wishers who can’t wait to have the book on their shelves.

I Know the Smell of My Lover’s Skin is a collection of poems written from the gargantuan tremor of emotions set on the threshold of love. Being a condiment of thrilling experiences, he describes it as ‘a special offering to the god of love, a god known to set feelings on a roller coaster  mostly wild, untamed feelings binding parties or entities, the umbilical cord tying the masses to the political class, for instance; a god famed for setting off  between lovers, sometimes between man and his environment…’ and a huge, hunky metaphorical illustration of his passion for Nature, life, humanity and, indeed, his fatherland.

His previously published books include Towards Effective Use of English – A Grammar of Modern English (1999), Candid Lyrics – An Anthology of Lyrical Poetry (2000), Candid Lyrics – Another Anthology of Lyrical Poetry (2001), An Offering of Olive – An Anthology of Peace Literature (ed., 2004) and Service to Fatherland (2013)all on the stable of Flag Publications.

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