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In the midst of raucous establishment of schools in Nigeria and Lagos State particularly, one is sure to notice fractures; a sharp contrast between the fallen, the falling or the acceptable standard in academics at all levels. Champions Baptist Academy, a citadel of learning, an uncommon grooming ground for youngsters and the abode of academic excellence isn’t one of those schools with such qualities. Located in the heart of FESTAC town along 23 road, its beautiful towering edifice in a serene environment attests the aura of high quality of service that emits from the management and radiates brightly upon the students.

Head of School, Mrs Alice Ojerinola

How it all started

Champion’s Baptist Academy was birthed as the brain child of Rev V. B Akerele, the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Festac. It was the dream he had nursed for a long time. After putting one or two structures in place, he gave breath to his will and the school officially commenced on the 12th of January 2009 with just one child named Oluwasemilogo Oluwaniyi and one teacher, Mrs Ayobami Oluwaniyi.  From then on, it grew steadily to become one of the top schools in FESTAC town today with over two hundred children.

Growing the school hasn’t been an easy task though because of the competitive environment it is situated however, it has proudly achieved a number of ground-breaking successes. Now that the school is in its 9th year, its unchanging core values of spirituality, intellectuality, honesty, cleanliness and dedication to service have been chiefly instrumental to the maintenance and sustainability of the high quality of education offered from the outset.

Vision and mission

Being a school that exalts Christ through mission-minded efforts of raising champions for the world, its vision strictly revolves around nurturing and producing future leaders with sound spiritual, intellectual and moral abilities to face life’s challenges as they come.

Core/ strength

Champions Baptist Academy, like other top-notch schools, pays a lot of attention to the three domains of learning: cognitive, affective and psychomotor. The cognitive domain of learning dwells on the development of the mental skills of children. The affective domain dwells on growth in feelings or emotional areas like attitude while psychomotor aims at the development of manual or physical skills.

The school also pays a lot of attention to music and language (French and English–the development of a native or near native speaker accent) which have always given them a clear-cut edge over other schools in FESTAC.


Lyndon B. Johson says ‘We must open the doors of opportunity. But we must also equip our people to walk through those doors’. As such, the management of Champions Baptist Academy takes so much delight in creating a conducive environment for teaching and learning. Teachers are provided with numerous teaching aids while the students get to learn with fun through different books kept on the shelves in the library and different musical instruments in the music room. The computer room is also equipped tastefully to practically teach the students how to use computers.

computer room
music room
sick bay

Management-parent relationship

The relationship between the management of the school and parents is really cordial. The Head of School, Mrs Alice Ojerinola said ‘ the management is trying its best to carry parents along whenever there is a need to take a major decision. The relationship has been cordial, almost perfect. They support some of our tough decisions and we appreciate them a lot. We are here for them, without them, we don’t exist. They commend us and even refer their friends to us’.

Admission process

The admission process of the school is strictly based on merit and the brain power of the new kids that are coming on board. The Head of School, Mrs Alice Ojerinola said, ‘It is not out of place to have one or two parents say the classes they want their kids to be but we try to convince them should their kids fail to meet up with the required marks. We are professionals and we know that academics isn’t always about age or class but performance. We make them understand this and why they should accept our own recommendations. So far, parents have been co-operating with us’.


Mrs Ojerinola said ‘the good reports we get from parents as regards the efforts of the teachers and the steady improvement in the academics of their kids have always made us happy. In the last academic session, we exposed our year 4 pupils to external exams ( NECO National Common Entrance Examination and Navy School Common Entrance Exam). In fact, their performance was fantastic but their parents refused to let them go until they were done with year 5. Today, those who graduated years ago from our school are doing very well in their secondary schools. Some are abroad (Germany and the U.S) precisely. Some are in different federal government colleges. Some are in private schools. Our joy is that they are doing fine’.


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