Love from the other Side


Yesterday died in our eyes
as we sat on the spot that
was not habited by the moon.
Our hearts created rhythms and blues
as we were folded into each other,
we beheld the beauty of the stars,
there were many of them in your eyes
and smile than there were on the sky.

The stars were like children
listening to their mother –
the moon’s story at moonlight,
they were our witness as we cuddled,
and shared juices and kisses until
today kissed yesterday goodbye.

It felt like it was the first time
we sat at a time meant for lovers.
Ours was like the number hundred,
we were lovers on the other side;
lovers on the better side of love.

Suns, moons and stars rolled by,
the love we share faded;
like the light of the day at sunset,
like cheap perfume after few hours,
you began waking up in another’s arm
and I, who thought I’d breathe my last
in your arms began sleeping on my own.

My sad songs and stories were sealed
the day you answered my call with
a pleasurable bedroom voice and said:
“I found the love for me from the
other side of another bed.”

I was still like a bottled water,
but I had not peace of a little bird.
I won’t give myself the chance to express,
I would keep them all to myself,
How I feel; I would not say.
I miss you but I’d do as if I don’t.

Synopsis: This piece portrays, through a male lover, the state of mind of everyone whose heart is broken.

Author: Elijah Odetokun
Profile: He is a 300l student of Animal Production and Health of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. He is passionate about writing and majors in poetry and articles.
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