I Moved!

I Moved!


By Solomon Meshach

In May 11, 2004 a mysterious fire gutted our family house. It was a rainy Tuesday morning, yet the fire burnt so hot, burnt till the walls when touched felt like something that had been crushed! Of course nothing was spared! Hmm…these words graced my mind as I soaked myself in tears, ‘I am finished, it’s over, where do I go from here?’ I couldn’t understand why such calamity should befall me.

Of course a lot of us have stories like this or have found ourselves in unthinkable situations. You have asked several times, ‘Why me?’ Really, if not you, then who? Who is best to go through the rigors thrown by life? It’s alright to face trials, it’s alright to cry when they feel overwhelming, but it is wrong to be stuck! Have you ever thought of this; that the concept and word called ‘stagnancy’ really doesn’t exist? When you think you’re static at a point, the world is moving ahead thus, you are moving backward!

My hope looked bleak and shattered. I couldn’t see any future at that point. Friends donated stuff to my family and gave words of advice and encouragement however, we, as members of the family needed to do the greatest work. I needed to mend my brokenness myself. You see, until you can as a person, find the encouragement from your inside you’ll be trapped in the canceled cheques of yesterday! All of these inspiring or motivating words will be a waste when you can’t use the strength within–the one provided by you. In the last part of 1 Sam 30:6, the Bible shows us how David drew a little strength from within by encouraging himself in the Lord his God after he had fagged out from crying.

Regardless of what you must have gone through or are still going through, you need to move from that point, you can’t remain there. Note that the twelve months of the year, night, day, revolves around time. Nothing lasts forever. The tables turn. When the tables turn, will time meet you where it left you? Move now, the clock is ticking!

Till I come to you with another truth that illuminates, light that leads, keep the torch burning!