In My Father’s House

In My Father’s House

Artodyssey-Chidi Okoye
Our family portrait hangs on the cracked wall
Swinging with the whirlwind
I see the radiant smile on our faces
We are what they call one big happy family
The memory lingers on

But all this is in the past
Our family has been lost
Lost with space call time

The sweet memories have been overshadowed
With days of terror
And night full of horrors
These bring nothing but sorrow

Echoes beam from the cracked walls
Louder than the town crier’s voice
Speaking to my soul
Of how father had gone south
Mother going north

I have waited anxiously for their return
But now that I have come of age
It’s time to mend the walls
Even if I have to tear it all apart

Synopsis: This beautiful peace paints the picture of one big family with a political undertone.

Author: Akintola Akindele Abdulqadir [myvoice]
Profile: Myvoice is a budding poet and a writer. He is
also studying Law at Osun State University. He has been featured in few blogs and anthologies. He loves to write about happenings in his surroundings and tragedy.