Sing me a Song of Love



Sing it out loud and let it flow freely
Through the ever spiral work of irony
Let it spread it’s wing and fly freely
Off the world melancholy.
Never hesitate to share it’s magnificent glory.

From his milky wave of nourishing feast
We feed and nourish our hungry fellas
We birds chirp and sing of it
The hoofed figure attest to his grace
A gift from the empirical order.

A gift of God to human but stylishly revoked by them
They haggle and quarreled over silly figures
They are the chosen race but they lack vigor
To claim their golden birth right which is divine love
But rather they delight and take pride in war.

They build sophisticated figures of war
They venerate and lauded bloodshed
Yet they claim to love at first sight
They took vain glory in pretense of kindness.

Synopsis: This poem x-rays the ironies of love with a political undertone

Author: Shehu Ibrahim a.k.a Shawn Brown              Profile: He is an undergraduate of Mass Communication at Federal Polytechnic, Offa, Kwara State.


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