I need to compose for you, a poem
– preferably an allegory –
to depict ways in which
you surpassed what I measured
in tonnes of expectation
I’ll love to scrawl a requiem
– with sorrowful lyrics –
to put 6-feet beneath the ground
the belief that good girls
occupy earth’s surface no more
I’ll have to pen down our story
– a novella or an anecdote –
of how I intend to create history
with the beautiful woman
you’re growing daily to become
Give to me a blank paper
to try my hands on one drama script
– a humorous one at that –
of how we both play soldiers of love
in this ugly and hateful world
Serve to me my only chance
on a platter of gold
that I may tell the world
you are lovelier and friendlier
than you project yourself to be
But you must promise
to have your palindrome of a name
always on the headline.

Author: Femi Ojutiku a.k.a Phemstrong

Profile: He is a research student of Tourism Development and a passionate writer.

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