Beauty in my Emotions


Sitting quietly
Staring calmly
Walking gently
Smiling lovely

I thought in Jah I’m rigid
Standing firm indeed
A true son in word and deed
I’m no more a kid
I’m grown and I developed seed
He of course gave me all I need
Nutrients to feed
To produce a good yield

I’ve been careful on the field
Cause Jah wants no weed
I take all heed
To meet his bid

Little did I know
About a hole
Which leaks my goal
I am wise like the owl
But I’ve been fooled from my role

Serpie knows I’m a son
Giving in to no turn
So he held me by the horn
Where I wouldn’t feel the sting of a thorn

He penetrated my brain
Painted Beauty as a fountain
Which carries water main
That can ease my pain
And break my chain
Ohh, Beauty is a pretty rain

Serpie penetrated my heart
Painted Beauty a pretty art
To make me pant like the hart
He drew Beauty to my heart
Till she becomes my part
And drew away my heart
Off Jah’s path

Now I’m occupied with Beauty
Probably obsessed by Beauty
All I do, I think of Beauty
Even in my dreams, Beauty
She means a lot to me
She’s just perfect for me
How would I believe that my Beauty
Is an agent of Serpie!

Hint: Jah—God, Serpie- Satan, Beauty- a friend of the opposite sex

Authhor: Toluloperhoda

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