Will Nigeria Ever Learn?



We are a people. A chosen generation. A peculiar people with a unique mentally that unapologetically leaves us susceptible to the conscious manipulation of ‘politricks’—the type that is practised in our clime with words and actions that appeal to our emotions of pity rather than logic or reasoning.

Right now, on the social media, there are trending pictures and videos that tend to document and report the conduct of local government and governorship elections in some states in Nigeria. It is needless to say that it is heartbreaking to see people who have been brazenly denied of their own share, as in commensurate share of our common wealth, persuaded with handouts of food stuff that can’t last for more than one day and promises of monetary giftings after they have secured electoral victory. Isn’t that absurd!? However, the big question in the mind of every concerned person remains when will Nigeria ever learn?

This new comic flick of thirty seconds produced and directed by the multi-talented and award winning actor, Oreofe Williams, says so much with few words in that regard including the projection of an appropriate response from the populace in such circumstance.

Set in a remote area, we see a group of four young men who look shabbily dressed with dangerous weapons like machetes, axes, etc. being addressed by a well- dressed, well-fed politician. He instructs them to fight, kill, steal ballot boxes or do anything possible just to ensure his victory in a forth coming election. Just then,

his son calls and says he’s tired of being in London and wishes to return to Nigeria. He yells, cautions him, restricts him from coming home until after the election and tells him to go anywhere else in the world, choice places like the U.S, Bahamas, etc. The guys who stand by to hear the conversation become disappointed and feel used. One by one, they drop their weapons and walk away.

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