If The Past Was Offered Again

Doubtless the same mistakes I’d make
Oh the pleasure and the pain
All of it together I crave
For the devil I know is lovely
Than this awful angel unknown
And this abyss is homely
Than the well-lit road un-rode
If the past was offered again
Oh no deed would I repeat
I’d lead a life so not like this
And birth a different me
For the heaven I know does bore me
Yet I’ve never been to hell
And though the known is homely
The unknown is warmer yet
If the past was offered again
I just might just return it
For why go back and right things
If they could yet wrong all the same?
Synopsis: This poem focuses on the ironies of life and the true nature of man as mere mortal.

Author: Yung Wunda

Profile: He is a student and a writer.


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