Fondled by Heaven


By Taiwo Oyedele

Babe  comes in all sweaty, stressed and folded her lips into a sort of  our favorite story time  akara bomb ; to let loose the endless chains of her worries at the office  – dabs her neatly carved eyebrows with the flair helms of her velvet blouse  and flung her red stilettos to the utter most part of the room.  ‘Phew! ‘, her long hiss whispered .  She dragged her legs to impose her arrival on my distracted self – slouched in an idle fix on the ‘Merlin’, series on our television. ‘Baby’, she winced. I drag my bulky frame into her tired frame. I let her hands drown in my palms and took some time to undress her till she was left with just the waist beads.  I had bought them on my last trip to Lagos Island. I love the sound of the waist beads    during our , you know?  I ran water for her in the tub  for warmth and freshness…

She went in and requested I brought her the special tower … the one she brought the first day we ate each other to the nails. She snuffed some fruits in her mouth and then dragged me into  her desirous snare of licentiousness.
She led my thing into hers and led the grind. She would open her mouth at intervals, like a baby flustered by the taste of a sweet cream. My muscles rippled. I stretched her hands on the side of the tub and searched intensely for meat in her jay jay like a geologist drills for gold. I went 50 strokes deep and 10 shallow till I could feel the juice of her squirt. Her hand were on my thighs as the bubbles of the water in the tub crushed with every slam on her butt. She called me sweet names , and the more she moaned , the more fierce I had my thrust into her sweet deep, like rapture is at hand. We climaxed with her mouth in oval, gaped and eyes, nictitating.

I flung her into my arms, walked towards the bedroom, tucked her in and went to fetch her a  sumptuous  dinner from the kitchen. She dragged me into the food fest. I ate every drop from her mouth. She stared wild into my eyes and called me , ‘heaven’.


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