Romance with the Spirits

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Zungele, the daughter of Macheke was a beauty to behold. Her beauty looked somewhat like that of a goddess and she was ostensibly proud about it.

She was advised by the aged women in her village to adopt a humble lifestyle and stressed on how the gods of their land would make every other thing to work in her favour but she remained adamant.

Mostly, she roamed the whole village with a handy mirror and kept looking at herself in great admiration and walked the terrains with brisk steps and wantonness.

Little did she know that any lady with such demeanour and carriage usually attracts the attention of the spirits. Although the female elders of her village tried to put her in the right, their efforts were futile.

At the wee hours of a certain night, she went out for urination and the spirits which lurked around her closed door, clung to her on the way inside.

They raped her in turns and the next morning, she was found pregnant with a protruded belly bearing the seeds of the spirits.

Background Story: This poem was written in consonance and replication of an African myth told to teach moral.

Author’s Profile: Noel O. Louis also known as Soulileon, is a renowned Nigerian Writer, Poet, Content Editor, eBook Publisher and an Author of two anthologies: HEARTFELT RHYMES & RHYTHM and STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART. He is also the author of the fast selling A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE, a memoir for building godly women in this generation. He seeks to make the world a better place through his writings. He is also the founder of  Souliterary Planet,

P.S: We remember Soulileon Noel who passed on recently for his contribution to the literary community.

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