Change your mindset or you will still be worse in 2018


By Joseph Theophilus Kehinde

Before approaching 2018 I made a statement which is “Even though my road is rough I will not still accept a knock out from the devil”. Let the problem come. Let my road be rough. I am prepared for it. If I am not prepared for failure, I certainly I am not prepared to succeed. The mother of all success is failure

Many write goals. Many have new year resolutions. Many have new agenda. Many don’t want their year to be like 2017. Many are frustrated. Many don’t know what to do. Many wallow in pain of not doing anything productive. Many want to engage to are not engaged.

Now the problem is not the problem. The problem is the problem of the mindset. The centrality of life is the mind. If you don’t conceive you can’t deliver. A pregnant woman who is not pregnant cannot deliver.

You must change your mindset. If you don’t change your mindset your action cannot change and when your action cannot change your behavior cannot Change. Even you will be worse in 2018.

Those goals are not the problem. It is simple to make goals. It is sweet to plan but difficult to implement. Why? Human complexities.

If you can go you can achieve your goals. Until you Create a positive mindset towards your goal you can’t achieve anything productive.

See! If you don’t even have a positive mindset towards your challenges, you will continue to enjoy your challenges thinking you are progressing. You can engage in activity and still not be productive.

What is the game now? Change your mindset towards your goal. Be desperate to achieve those goals despite the turbulence.

2018 I will be raising African revolutionary game changers will be not just discover who they are but who will also challenge societal norms.

As you travel into 2018, think possible.. Don’t just think, think possible. If you don’t think possible you will sink. Work on yourself. Jesus told the woman “GO AND SIN NO MORE” that can only take effect with the operation of the mind. What you think  not just who you are but what you will do through your thinking process. Do you want to manifest great things, change your mindset and you will have a change of life.

It is beyond saying “I CAN DO IT” “I WILL PROSPER” “THIS YEAR IS A BLESSING FOR ME”. Hello. It is one thing to believe and one thing to do that wish you believe. Faith is the practicability of what you believe. What you conceive in your mind is what you will manifest in the reality. Your mind is powerful than academics. It is powerful than passion. What is the essence of passion when your mind is not in connection with your passion.

Finally your mind can only produce transformational things when your purpose in life is discovered and in operation. Your purpose will energize your mind to do. Your mindset cannot operate in vaccum, it will work with your purpose. Plug in your mindset with your life purpose and see inventions and innovations rolling in.

Your life is so precious that there must be a change you inside of you. Happy new year.


Theophilus is the Principal Founder of NGLA, a platform that trains people on purpose, leadership and personal development.

NB: I also want to use this medium to inform everyone that the much anticipated public speaking training, the first edition in 2018 is taking place in February. Much details about this training will be announced later. But to part of the pre-training classes you reach me on 09068836255 or email:

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