Stalker: A Repetition of the Usual with Uniqueness


By Pornytail

Frankly speaking, if attention was only paid to the central theme of Stalker, a new video on the block by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, then our conclusion would be nothing but the usual–the usual theme of one’s past coming around to hurt them like we have seen in Blood on the Altar 1,2 and 3 by his very own father Mike Bamiloye, Ale Ariwo by Wemimo Films and a host of others. We know Damilola, from his antecedent, to be a realist, a young Christian film maker who is guided by spiritual precepts and not blinded by religious doctrines that refuse to see social problems the way they really are. Hence, this movie affords him all the opportunity in the world not just to talk about Biblical expectations in difficult situations (divorce) as the one portrayed but to explicitly examine the psyches and emotional trauma of the parties involved and for that one reason, it is thumbs up!!!!

Stalker was released about a month ago on his YouTube channel to the pleasure of his followers. This movie revolves around Sewa, a lady whose university days have been characterized by sex and abortion through the ‘couple’s life’lived on campus with her ex Eddy. After her school days, Sewa becomes born again, gets married to a pastor but refuses to tell him about the life she lived on campus. Eddy resurfaces in-between after he has served his term in prison and seeks a re-union—that one last sex or send off sex with Sewa with promises to crash her marriage should she refuse. The threats from Eddy and the emotional cage Sewa is locked in keep heightening her fears until she lets go. At this point, attention totally shifts from Sewa to Yomi, her Pastor husband. The pains of ending up with a wreck, a mess after being a virgin and fervently serving the Lord all his life become too heavy for him and angrily seeks a divorce. Even though he lets go in the long run, the message passed here is forgiveness.

Apart from the overwhelming theme of divorce addressed here, premarital sex and the couple’s life lived on campus by university students is another area of concern to young people who claim to even know God and serve Him. It’s always heart breaking to see young Christians being influenced by those whose souls have been seared to behave as such. The worst part of all is that 99.9999999% of these‘couples’ don’t even end up together in future. What follows thereafter is nothing but pain, regrets and all the‘had I knowns’.

The picture quality of the movie is superb as always and the directing is wow. The comic effect of Yomi’s father and the dramatic irony of his wife’s past do not really last for long though but their contribution to the development of the plot is well felt. The twist introduced to the effaced narrative technique is quite commendable too. Here, we see Abayomi read his own story in the manuscript of a young writer that hopes for his mentorship as an experienced author. It’s a complete walk away from the norm of having a separate narrator do the talking while action takes place.

Apologies but must every one who’s convicted by the Holy Spirit end up crying? In reality, people’s reactions at the point of realization differ from person to person. Some get moody, some cry, some become restive, some find it hard to just move on. In our own opinion, we think Damilola and other Christian film makers need to understand this a little better and also take a walk away from stereotypical reactions prescribed often by religious doctrines.

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