Weird writer, Akwaeke Emezi cuts off uterus to prevent reproduction



Akwaeke Emezi, a 28 year old Nigerian writer based in the U.S has undergone a major surgery to cut off her uterus, the most cherished, as perceived, organ of womanhood to become non-binary trans, prevent child bearing and majorly solve the gender dsyphoria issue she had lived with for over seventeen years.

In preparation for her debut novel Freshwater which seems to codify her personal experiences of fractured personality and identity, she noted in her article Transition, published in New York Magazine’s The Cut, that her gender had asserted itself in different ways in her childhood and one of its strongest features was always a violent aversion toward reproduction; toward having a body marked by reproductive potentials like a uterus to carry children and full breasts to feed them with. These signs, however, facilitated her first surgery to reduce the size of her breasts two years after she moved to Brooklyn. When she finally discovered she was transgender, five years ago after falling into a vibrant queer scene in Brooklyn that showed her so many more ways to be than she had ever known, she knew what she could do about it.

Additionally, she said the possibility of her being an ogbanje occurred to her around the same time she realized she was trans, but it took her a while to collide the two worlds. When she finally accepted its validity, she revisited what that could mean for her gender hence, she took a surgical step to resolve it.

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