History Lied to Africa


Where exactly were you when history lied to Africa.
An invisible path which has aged with no impact.
The story of the 90s is still living when the teller’s mouth no longer exists.
Even the unborn generation are already being preached to before their death.

A wasteful land with waist-full women.
That is the song that exists during their reign.
At a time our traditions were made to swim into darkness
Until the whole page of history was lost with no lightness.
And our real stories were thrown into ocean of deception.

Our achievements are seen to be worthless
To humanity,we are pests and pebbles.
Wives and mothers were arrested and bundled into bed of thorns and blood.
Those days when the white men put us in chains and binds,
Now we welcome them in open arms.

This famous story of history is half baked,
From a bakery known to the British.
It’s a veil blocking our sight to the Africa that exists before the luggardians.
Is existence before colonialism that ugly and fruitless?
Obviously, this side is not a figure in history.
History must have lied to Africans.

Synopsis: This piece revisits the twisted history of Africans by colonial masters.

Author: Kolajo Blessing
Profile: She hails from Oyo State. She is a writer, a lover of poems and a Law student of Olabisi Onabanjo University.



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