Scars are for the Strong only

Eric Almanza

Scars are for the brave only

The cowardly either die from the wound, before the scar could form

Or do whatever it takes to run from the injury.

Scars are for the brave only

And she was a being full of scars.


It is said that each scar tells a story

Of battles fought and survived

Maybe even won

Of adamant souls

Dogmatically clinging to life and denying death its right

Over and over

Of course death would forever be the winner

But with every denial wrought

Is approval sought

And given.


Scars are trophies for those who fight

Those who refuse to roll over

Those who refuse to stay under.


Yet the greatest and richest of scars are those of the soul

Not the body

Those tell a story more interesting

Of battles more grand

And wars more intense

Those scars are more beautiful

Those scars are more true


So don’t hide the scars of your soul

Wear them with pride

They are not signs that you are weak

On the contrary

Yes they show you fell

Yet here you are.


Scars are for the strong only

But the weaklings…

They die!


Synopsis: This poem x-rays the ironies of existence, the battles fought along this path called life and the ‘injuries’ sustained in the process. In his view, it’s only champions that sustain injuries.

Author: Yung Wunda

Profile: He is a writer and is currently studying at a tertiary institution in Nigeria.


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