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He was the sweetness of what life could ever give to his parents. He was the sweetest amongst his peers. He wasn’t his own ‘Chi’ hence, his future, he was unable to peer through so, he lived just like other kids – his peers. Whenever he was seen, one could tell that his future was bright. His parents, smart friends and those in his neighbourhood nicknamed him, ‘Bright’ even his demeanour was bright and he added some spice to it with his bright smiles.

While his mates were at school, his parents couldn’t afford such a necessity but he was busy somewhere with some tools learning how to make stools. He got jeered at by those he regarded as ‘fools’ who didn’t see a future for him with his tools from where they stood. He was intentional at his works. Daily, he spoke into his life, prophetic words. Hoping that some day, the reality of the first part of his name, ‘Rich’, would hold sway so that he could do away with the other part, ‘Hard’. Then, when it was due, he became free now, he was about twenty three. Being free made him feel like a monkey on a tree. Every morning dawned on a smiling and cheerful face. With a hope higher than Mount Everest, on God, he cast his gaze.

He met a man and a woman whom he thought could help him with some form of help to establish him. But all they could do was to destabilize him with their words that sounded, in his ears, like Church hymns. He struggled to have a breakthrough but it looked as if life had failed him – he thought he had exhausted all his means. With a year and two months gone since freedom, life began to feel like hell fire to the extent that, he yelled, ‘I don tire!’ with hot tears rolling down his cheeks through to his chin and into his gaped mouth.

Then he cried out to God’s Kingdom – told God to let His Kingdom come and make him a king in his own domain. God looked down on him with a smile without any comment. In his case, God’s silence was louder than His loudest shouts. After all, He causes the rain to fall on the giants and dwarfs, and the sun to shine on the tall and stouts; including the clean and riff-raff. While he was busy pricking his nose with thoughts in the direction of the rope – the hangman’s noose, God was busy tightening all the loosed ropes in his seemingly hopeless life. His life would soon take a different look irrespective of the decisions he didn’t take and the ones he took. Then, he gave up and tried again.

His steps got directed to Afghanistan – of all places. He met with a man called, Stanley which he shortened to, ‘Stan’. Right there in a strange clan, he met his own ‘Good Samaritan’. Of all his struggles, Stan gave him a reason to stand. He got overwhelmed by Stan’s love and care; this got too much and for that, he couldn’t understand. Stan wasn’t sure too, why he was this kind. God, up above, nodded in cheer then, thought out loud, ‘This has been my thoughts for thee, thou son; thoughts of peace and not of evil. This is the end I have kept for thee whether or not thou hast learnt A, B, C, or D. Thou hast been the apple of my eyes; thy soul hast been paid for with a price. The blood of my Son hast gifted thee this prize; now, enter into thy rest’.

Richard got to live out his name, ‘Rich’. He found delight and meaning to his life and now viewed life without a stern. God had him in His plan.


Author: Noel O. Louis                                                   Profile: Noel O. Louis also known as Soulileon, is a renowned Nigerian Writer, Poet, Content Editor, eBook Publisher and an Author of two anthologies: HEARTFELT RHYMES & RHYTHM and STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART. He is also the author of the fast selling A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE, a memoir for building godly women in this generation. He seeks to make the world a better place through his writings. He is also the founder of  Souliterary Planet,

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