It is you and me against the world
we will defy the odds
and dispute their words
let’s give them a glimpse of what we can do
that our love is no fool
in our heart no other will rule
let’s make false of the nights with a full moon
while we are still in the noon
let’s make every eyes envious of our bloom
and shame the prophets of doom
our story will be the end of our gloom
our admiration will shine through our grin
this race we will definitely win
for we will remain fertile and green
nothing will make us grim
this light won’t go dim
we have what they can only see in dream
you will be my dean
on which I can lean
when the world is mean
and friends are few
I will sip from your dew
forever won’t be enough
to express our love
which ooze the peace of a dove
we will fly beyond the reach of the wolves.

Author: Kayode Afolabi
Profile: He hails from Kwara State and is a Mass Communication undergraduate at Federal Polytechnic Offa



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