British Government Rejects Celebrated Portrait of Tahitian: Orders its Expulsion in 11 hours

M Hollow-The Art Newspaper

The Arts Newspaper report that the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is to borrow Joshua Reynolds’s Portrait of Omai, which is stored in Britain, and include it in its High Society exhibition about full-length portraiture, which is due to open on 8 March. A temporary UK export licence was granted just before we published. However, it was issued only after special assurances were given by its owner and the museum that the painting would be returned from Amsterdam.

The 1776 portrait of Omai, a young Tahitian who was brought back to London by Captain Cook in 1774, has a highly controversial recent history. In 2001, the painting was sold at Sotheby’s in London for £10.3m. In 2003, click to read article in full.

Source: The Art Newspaper


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