Mental Prison

Informqtion Nigeria
By Meshach Solomon

A few weeks ago, a Lagos High court judge (in Nigeria) pronounced over five hundred inmates free after spending between 10-16 years in jail awaiting trial. Some of their offences ranged from as little as stealing N3000 to a mare handset! Hmm…! Imagine if they were really punished according to their individual offences: N3000 to 16 years! At the point of freedom, how much joy will such persons exhibit! What thoughts will fill their hearts about society?

May I implore you before you go on to please take a minute off as you close your eyes to imagine being locked up behind iron bars without a hope of release any time soon. The topic of discuss explores a more hopeless situation, tougher conditions, worse bars than iron and a prison watched over by no other jailer but a duplicate of the prisoner!

Many people want to succeed, they want a push, they believe everyone that succeeds does because of some reasons beyond the ordinary! They are trapped in the belief that when things go wrong, the Almighty scheduled it to happen. To make matters worse, I hear things like ‘She is destined to be rich and I, poor: we are not just blessed in our family. Life is a game of luck and I am not lucky!’ There are several of such statements flying around every tick of the clock! In fact, these facts are polished, packaged in different attractive ways and passed down through generations. Some people have become slaves, mental prisoners! They are several generations away: they have refused to self liberate themselves from the shackles of traditions, belief systems, superstitions and past experiences. They say to themselves ‘I can’t go on with this, what if I never succeed?’, ‘I have a strong feeling , this move will not work’. They pronounce a verdict right from the beginning of the matter! They celebrate mediocrity, enjoy negative inheritance, content with being under.

Asa’s song, Jailer is one piece that explains that everyone has got the same disease. We are all engulfed by the same issues. We only have it in different strokes. But do you know that your neighbour is only different from you because of the amount of information and risks he has or won’t take! The shackles that keep you bound in the mental prison can only be broken by you! You are so important to making your way out of the prison. The kind, type and quality of information you have access to determines the measure of success you can attain. Breaking free also has a great deal to do with information management which in my opinion is a definition of risk. Management or application is very essential and key to freedom.

You can walk out of this dungeon of lies, mental misery.  Truth can never be replaced by facts. It may be a fact that poverty runs in the veins of your family, it’s a common thing for young people. To drop out of school: it may be a fact that no one crosses a certain age, people never have settled marriages, history has never painted you in bright colors but the beauty in all of these is that you have a real chance to rewrite history with the truth. Truth says you can be truly successful. Truth says no one is destined to be a failure, a nonentity. Truth says you walk out into freedom! Take the bold step now! Reach for information and break free!

Till I come your way with another illuminating truth that leads in the darkest nights. Keep your torch burning!



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