When Will Nigeria Be Great?

Of a truth, we lurk in darkness, in plagues
whose names we dare not name. Pains
and tears have we succumbed to, an
attempt to evade the hunter’s nest.

A gaze above, behold the comely
movement of our “lords” wives
who crowns their feet with
cuddly golds and gems,
Hands with trinkets,
whose legs hops
to the song
From their
Hon’s brutality.
Though they watch
the humble afflictions
Of “their subjects”, a vial
of wine and atrocities have
they resorted to. Our bliss, they
Fed on and made us slaves in our
father’s land. Tears and torment have
we submitted to in a pursuit of survival.
Famine, we only know, now, 55 years kept
me worrying, when will our nightmares end?
Synopsis:In this poem,the author laments the inhumane treatment of the citizenry and their iineptitude toward change.
Author: Kayode Ezekiel O. hails from Ondo state.
Profile: He is an undergraduate of Federal University of Technology, Akure. He loves poetry, music and soccer.




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